Belt Test Update 10/14/2019  
Multiple updates to post today. Four tests have taken place since my last update.

On September 7th, Justin, Ella, and Cruz were promoted to Gold while Avery was promoted to Orange. Justin was the recipient of the red star for this test.

On September 28, Mack was promoted to Gold belt.

On October 5th, Bryce was promoted to 6th Blue while Hunter, Christian, Zakary, and Jackson were promoted to 5th Blue. Andreana was promoted to 1st Brown. The recipients of the red star were Christian and Andreana.

On October 12th, Jacob and Colter were promoted to Gold.

Awesome efforts! Please keep up the good work as we head towards the end of the year!
-- Jorge --
  Belt Test Update 07/08/2019  
On Saturday, Luke was promoted to Gold belt. Great job!
-- Jorge --
  Belt Test Update 07/06/2019  
On June 15th we had an awesome test with Eric and Teejay being promoted to Red belt and Aidan being promoted to 6th Blue. Teejay was the recipient of the red star. Keep up the great work!
-- Jorge --